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Heaven’s desire for the consecration of Russia to The Immaculate Heart of Mary was completely satisfied on March 25, 1984. Sister Lucia confirmed that this solemn and universal act of consecration corresponded to what Our Lady wished at that time as well as later on when she wrote in a letter dated November 8, 1989: “Yes, it has been done just as Our Lady asked on March 25, 1984.”


The Church has spoken on the matter, and the woman through whom the request was communicated to the Pope has declared it accomplished as well. Hence, any further discussion or request is without basis.


The definitive Church document on the consecration of Russia was published by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. We encourage everyone to read it here: Consecration of Russia.


People can either devote their time to prayer, penance and sacrifice in reparation for sin and for the conversion of sinners as Our Lady asked at Fatima, or engage in endless debate over matters upon which Holy Mother Church has already decided and proclaimed.  We encourage those who opt for distractions to seriously consider what might be their genesis, and whether or not their engagement in them serves Our Lady’s Fatima objectives.


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